WATCH: Two Women Junkies Fight In Dublin City (Poor Child)

Two women fight on the streets of Dublin in front of children 

One child is heard screaming in the backround as the girl gives the other junky a few slaps for calling her a whore as she punches her and kicks her, a man is heard saying, dance on her face can you imagine your parents walking down the street and starting a fight?

This is noway for anyone to act in front of children or in general people like this should be locked up and have their kids put into care, away from that sort carry on, they will just grow up doing the same things as they see their parents doing!

This is no life for a child


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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Two Women Junkies Fight In Dublin City (Poor Child)

  • Emily
    Commented 3 months ago

    That’s not the child’s father the child’s father is a lovely man

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  • siobhan
    Commented 3 months ago

    Typical irish

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