WATCH: Two Junkies Get Beat Up For Robbing (Funny)

Two Junkie’s Get Beat Up for Robbing these two bloke’s

Ok people are being hurt in this video but for a good reason, these two drug addicts tried to rob the two blokes that are attacking the drug addicts, but what has us all laughing is that fact that some owl one shouting in the background saying ” ah here leave it out” ah leave it fucking out, ah here leave it bleeding out” while the two drug addicts get a beating, I was in tears watching this video happy tears just too funny how it all happen at once, but have to admit that was some kick to the face, ha,  But they will go off and rob someone else these drug addicts don’t learn from their mistakes or a beaten.

This video is old but it’s gold it will never stop being funny, even if there are two junkies getting the shit kicked out off them! All for good reason though!  ” Ah here leave it fucking out ” 

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