WATCH: Teen’s Assault Two Gardaí In Dublin City Centre

Teen’s Assault Two Gardaí In Dublin City Centre

These teens show No Mercy as they punch and kick the Gardaí and the crowd is egging them on to keep on fighting. One teen is seen punching and kicking one of the officers in the face and then going to punch the next officer, You can hear a female shout “you’re getting the bullet wait and see” is this apart of the job? Being punched in the face kicks to the legs, shouting abuse at them. Do the Gardaí just have to suck up it up and continue with their job they knew what they signed up for beforehand that there was a risk of being killed or beaten up? As the teens punch and kick the Gardaí, the crowd cheering them on ” Gowon lads” what kind of behavior is that? who raised these little fuckers? It didn’t end well for these two, one got knocked out cold and the other was handcuffed.


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