WATCH: “Mother Steals To Support Her Drug Habit”

Mother Steal’s To Support Her Drug Habit On TV with her children

This mother has no shame in admitting she steals to feed her habit for drugs, I’m sure the kid didn’t even get to keep the scooter as she says in the video she has a drug problem. When she steals the scooter and thinks she got away with it, the reporter then admits he bought the scooter as they where in the shop along with the woman, she lost her head when they told her they paid for what she stole, ” she says,  I got away with it nobody followed us out ” are you fucking for real”

As the kid tries to open the scooter she shouts don’t open that, I’m giving that to santy for you, as in she means “I can’t sell it if you open it,  This mother is no role model for her kids. If she just plainly steals in front of the children as if it’s a normal thing to do. This is the type of parenting that sends the kids off their heads and running wild. Parents are meant to show a good example not show them that it’s ok to steal. It’s the kids that stuff in the long run for their parent’s behavior, Feel sorry for kids in these types of situations it’s not their fault, its the way they were raised up! Some kids become doctors some kids become lawyers and some kids just become little fucks, what can you do? It is what it is!

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