WATCH: “Man Steals Brand New Car On A Test Drive” (Dublin)

Man Steals Brand New Car On A Test Drive In Dublin (Skoda), Be Very Aware People.

As the salesman is clearly seen on camera getting out of the car and walking around to open the driver’s door for the customer not realizing the person in the car was going to steal the car, as he walks around to let the customer out of the car. The driver then takes off at speed with the salesman hanging on to the car but at no chance, the car got away. The Salesman walk of shame as he walks with his head down back to the office to phone the Gardaí. This is a warning to any car salesperson out there never ever get out off the car till you have the key of the car in your hand or the cash. This is what car thieves are at nowadays cause its easier and faster money, usually, the car is marked before its taken lots of cars are on a list to be taken and sold in another country, maybe your car is on the list?

Even if you are a private seller your more of a target then the big companies, cause you would more then likely be on your own when going to sell a car so just be careful guys,

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