WATCH: “Man Licks Chickens Arse For A Tenner”

Man Licks Chicken’s Arse For a tenner and his friend are loving it and so are we. Twat LOL

This is a nasty way of getting £10,  Ok I’ve heard of jump off the bridge into the water and ill give you £10 pound, but licking a chicken’s arse for £10 is no life at all, what would he do for £20/30? He’s always going to be known as the man who licks a chickens arse for £10, I’d say he just wanted £10 bag of weed, people are doing crazy kind of stuff nowadays for drugs cause they can’t afford them, It’s very sad some people have no shame at all. Why do people make a holy show of themselves, they’re just fucking things up for themselves nobody else,  we all get to get a good laugh at their stupidity.

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Kealanjohn Hutchinson


Why did the chicken cross the road? Poor Chicken 

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