WATCH : Homeless Man Gets Kick To The Face Dublin

Homeless Man Get Kicked In The Face Dublin

As he sits on the ground a crowd gathers around the man and one lays a kick to his face, this man is just trying to survive in a lonely world, This bully needs to be locked up, this is assault on a harmless man, who’s down on his luck he doesn’t need a kick to the face, he needs a hand up, never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up! Poor Homeless man needs a bed and hot meal. The thug then barks aggressively at an onlooker before he’s pushed away by another appalled witness.

The brutal assault took place on Parnell Street in Dublin city centre at around 6.30pm in the aftermath of Dublin’s victory over Tyrone.

There are now almost 10,000 people homeless across Ireland, including 3,755 children, according to the latest figures from the Department of Housing. The increase in the number of homeless children, by almost 500, between January and February, is the largest monthly increase since current data gathering began, in mid-2014. The figures have been described as “shocking”, “unacceptable” and indicative of a crisis “spiraling out of control”.

The monthly homelessness report from the department shows for the week of 20th to 26th February there were 9,807 people homeless, including 3,755 children in 1,739 families.

This compares with 22nd to 28th January, when there were 9,104 people homeless, including 3,267 children in 1,517 families.

In February 2017, there were 7,421 people homeless, including 2,546 children in 1,239 families. This represents a 32 per increase in overall homelessness, a 40 percent increase in family homelessness, and a 47 percent increase in the number of homeless children.


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