WATCH: Grown Man Beats Up School Kid For Bullying (Ireland)

Man from Tuam attacking a child for bullying his daughter

Bart is clearly heard saying in the video he will “do him in”, as another girl gets involved he said that she was next, this 40-year-old man throws the young boy on the ground and started grabbing him and starts shouting “I will split you open”  if this was your child what would you do? This is called child abuse this boy is only 15 years old and this man is in his late 40s, these are young school kids, even if they did bully his daughter is he still allowed to grab a kid?  Should he have never put his hands on this young boy?


So the kid on the ground getting shouted at,  him and his friends bullied This man’s daughter for over a year, she had to leave school, get help for the stress these guys put on her, so was this man right in doing what he did, would you do the same to your kids if your kid was being bullied? Bullying is very much active in Ireland and a lot of people try and commit suicide which is very sad. Parents should start raising their kids better, my kid would never bully she knows it’s not right. It’s just kids thinking they’re mad and showing off to get noticed, but who whats to be noticed as a bully?

The HSE community healthcare organization

A dramatic increase in the number of young people dying by suicide in deprived parts of Dublin South Central amounts to a condemnation of social policies. Last year, for the first time, female suicide rates there equaled that of men, reflecting a threefold increase in ratio terms. The HSE community healthcare organization described the development as unique to the area but cautioned that it could represent a developing trend.

Bullying, Poverty, depression, social exclusion, isolation, and alcohol or drug abuse are among the most frequent reasons why people take their own lives. Men are four times more likely to kill themselves than women. And, within the Traveller community, the male suicide rate is seven times higher than in the general population. These dreadful figures have remained relatively stable, even as government spending on mental and welfare help contracted sharply with the onset of the recession.


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57 thoughts on “WATCH: Grown Man Beats Up School Kid For Bullying (Ireland)

  • Aine maire
    Commented 4 months ago

    Yes he was right, he went to parents to school to guards all passed the buck. His daughters head was slammed against a wall by the innocent girl standing by, the boy on ground constantly threatened to rape or have her raped. Bart showed great restraint in not hitting the lad he only pinned him down and threatened him. He is the quietest gentlest hard working man in tuam, we would all defend our kids could you be as restraining if it was your daughter .

    Reply to Aine

    • Unknown
      Commented 4 months ago

      Wtf is wrong with do NOT threaten a young girl under the age of 18 saying YOUR NEXT there are other ways to sort this.yes he was right to pin him down but ZNOT to treathan a person saying YOUR NEXT.your comment is uncalled for!!

      Reply to Unknown

      • Benny
        Commented 4 months ago

        The man is obviously at his wits end.. that was his last resort.. I say good on him and I hope it goes no further. You obviously don’t have kids because if some little scumbag threatened to rape my daughter is break every bone in his body. Bart showed massive restraint.. I hope he and his daughter are ok, and the other dragged up bullies will think twice before they destroy another kids life..

        Reply to Benny

      • Brian
        Commented 4 months ago

        will you ever fuck off…theres kids commiting suicide every day over little scumbags like these,just shut the fuck up you clown

        Reply to Brian

      • Lisa
        Commented 4 months ago

        Would you fuck off,they deserved more than a threat!! The amount of young people who end their lives over dragged up little tramps,they’re not so hard when the tables are turned!!

        Reply to Lisa

      • Gary
        Commented 4 months ago

        Im sorry but your full of shit he was dead right to say to her as he did and for the guy id have beating the living shit out of him,STOP defending bullies

        Reply to Gary

      • Commented 4 months ago

        Shut up u stupid break her neck as well as kid on the ground

        Reply to Maris

        • Clonmel Nut
          Commented 4 months ago

          Are you Maris Piper the potato head? Breaking the neck of the child would have you up on a serious charge in court and you’d do time for it. Are you as thick as you seem?

          Reply to Clonmel

        • Commented 4 months ago

          Well said! Id do the same!

          Reply to Lou

      • Jerry Ward
        Commented 4 months ago

        So if your daughter was attacked and bullied by these little bastards you wouldn’t batter them? I think the man was very calm and collected under the circumstances. If it was my daughter, well each one of them would vanish but I’d say they’d be cut down the middle and turned inside out while the rest watched!

        Reply to Jerry

      • Helen
        Commented 4 months ago

        ‘they deserved it my 12 yr old niece committed suicide over the likes of those animals, school, parents do nothing, guards can’t prosecute them either because their under age, clearly his actions are out of desperation.

        Reply to Helen

      • Ewelina
        Commented 3 months ago

        Wtf is wrong with u??? They had a right to bully his daughter ??? Well done and i would do exactly the same and that whole bulshit about bullying would finish .These young fuckers has no respect to anyone and just cos you all afraid to react it is happening!!! They can do whatever they want but we have no right to do anything just talk and beg them to stop ???or wait we should wait until his daughter will kill herself !You are stupid I would kick his ass i would not wait a year!!This guy didn’t even punch him so what’s your problem ???

        Reply to Ewelina

      • John
        Commented 3 months ago

        Stfu he can say what ever the fuck he wants when his daughter is being treated like that and I don’t think he could give to fucks about the concuences

        Reply to John

      • Alice
        Commented 3 months ago

        U are a fu*king prick! If this was ur daughter what would u do? A*shole

        Reply to Alice

    • Billy Coleman
      Commented 4 months ago

      Well said Aine. He’ll get the greatest of respect and support nationwide from all is working fathers with daughters and everybody else with respect and morals. He did so very well not to break the skinny little bastards face. I fear if it were me the young fella would need to be picked up piece by piece when I got finished with him.

      Reply to Billy

    • Ronnie
      Commented 4 months ago

      Assaulting or threatening a minor is wrong and illegal. I completely understand Bart’s upset and am certain that he was pushed to the very limit of his patience by these pups and bullies. The young fella on the ground is trouble personified, he does a nice line in drugs and is a general tool. He wants to become a woman but doesn’t know how. As for the girl, she’s bad news despite having a very good father. Her attitude and threats come from her junkie mother who has bullied and intimidated her husband, family and in law’s for years.

      Reply to Ronnie

  • Commented 4 months ago

    It’s about time someone stand up to bullies I say well done to father if it was my child I woulden stop

    Reply to Margaret

  • Mary
    Commented 4 months ago

    He was dead right. He didn’t do half enough. About time someone stuck up to their kids bullies its happening way to often. If it were my child getting bullied I would have done worse. When guards and everyone else is letting them get away with it why should this girls parents watch their daughter who has done nothing wrong suffer. Fairplay to him

    Reply to Mary

  • Claire berrigan
    Commented 4 months ago

    I totally agree because bullys should be stopped which ever way I would do the same thing .why should this young lad get away with it if that was my son I’d say take your oil I raise my boys too have respect and never too toach a girl or lady this is what’s wrong too many young people taking there life’s over scummy bullies well done too this man he loves he’s child and will do anything too protect her and rightly so

    Reply to Claire

  • Aine marie
    Commented 4 months ago

    I am sorry if i offend you but i dont believe i am wrong. This same innocent girl constantly shouted and txted to their victim to go and kill herself that she was so horrible no one would miss her. Her reward for ” threatening,bulling, and physical abuse”was a week away in the sun. She wasnt touched just told to stay out of it or she be next and as she is so very adept at bulling she should of taken it in her stride

    Reply to Aine

  • Commented 4 months ago

    He is dead right to pin the lad down and the lad getting mouthy still, the youngone given lip Ashwell…if it were my kids id be doing the same because my kids were victims of bullying years ago and I had to fo more or less same thing because sometimes the softly softly approach ain’t enough especially when the teachers and the guards are useless no help atall,those filth bags should be killed stone dead for bullying. Cowards…fair play dad….

    Reply to Jennifer

  • Paddy
    Commented 4 months ago

    I would have kicked 7 bells of shite out of the little Bastard, and i dont care what anybody says bully any of my kids and pay the price. simple

    Reply to Paddy

  • Noel Cleary
    Commented 4 months ago

    My son was bullied at school and I knew the bully there were days I wanted to do that but i was warned about child abuse but he had to take his child out of school councillor it really upset his family he was dead right to give a warning next time there should be no warning wear Joe Cannings Hurley off him. Parents suffer in silence from bullies its hard to watch your children being bullied by a bully no wonder he hit out more power to him

    Reply to Noel

  • Jessica
    Commented 4 months ago

    I was bullied all the way through high school and college, my mum tried everything she could and because my uncle was bestmates with the boys dad we confided in him to show his son what happens to bullies and he did but the bullying didn’t stop if my dad had done this it could have worked, well done superdad

    Reply to Jessica

  • Rose power
    Commented 4 months ago

    He was dead right he prob didn’t even scare the little shit

    Reply to Rose

  • Commented 4 months ago

    Well done dad for standing up for your daughter I would do the exact same if it was my daughter.

    Reply to Tracey

  • Colin Keating
    Commented 4 months ago

    Yes! If my kids were being bullied by these cowardly little scumbag..I would do exact6what this dad did. What is he supposed to do..wait untill she is another suicide victim of bullies? Anyone who has sided with this bully saying the dad was wrong..I just hope it never happens to none of yours. These are 15 year olds in a gang..bullying a Girl! This is the only punishment they should get..a good mouthful of knuckles…cures bullyism in one simple dose!!!

    Reply to Colin

  • Kelly
    Commented 4 months ago

    Darn right if my child was getting bullied id a punched him, or if my son was bulling someone id do the same and wouldnt care if the other parent done it,

    Reply to Kelly

  • April
    Commented 4 months ago

    He was right for doing it bully can’t keep going on like this I would have done the same

    Reply to April

  • John
    Commented 4 months ago

    If you think that man I walking away happy forget about it … he didint want this he did what he could so as not to have to react this way and is probobly in tatters after doing it .. and it will be on his mind now for a long time .. any parents on here condeming his actions after reading why he acted like this should be ashamed of themselves

    Reply to John

  • Sharon Farrell
    Commented 4 months ago

    That Daddy done what any Daddy at his wits end woukd do. You can tell that fella has no remorse. His little girl had so much abuse that she ended up leaving school. it took take her years to get over it. I hope she does. I hope she is Ok ans her Daddy. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Reply to Sharon

  • Sandra
    Commented 4 months ago

    He was dead right, I’d do the same if my child was being bullied too, this bullying is going on in every school even in work places it has too stop, so many kids committing suicide over this…the man didn’t hurt the boy he just told him how it is, the girl should of stayed out of it, but she is just probably as bad as the lad laying on the ground….anyway bully’s work in groups as they are afraid on their own #bullysaretheweakestlink……

    Reply to Sandra

  • Kathleen edwards
    Commented 4 months ago

    Didn’t see him beat him up only warning him.They should not have hurt his daughter.

    Reply to Kathleen

  • Sean
    Commented 4 months ago

    I have done the same years ago when my son was being bullied at school but when I was done with the two brothers that where doing it I when gave there father a good hiding also for not doing anything about believe me it didn’t happen again , fire with fire

    Reply to Sean

  • Tommy Doyle
    Commented 4 months ago

    Would have done the same myself. Little scumbags need to be thought a lesson. If it were my daughter I’d knock seven shades of shite out of the little bollix. As for the mouthy little bitch she needs a good slap (from a girl) as well. The reason there is so much bullying is they think they can get away with it well it’s about time people started to hit back at them.

    Reply to Tommy

  • Audrey
    Commented 4 months ago

    This man has probably tried everything to stop these little cowards, I’d say this was his last resort and I really hope it has worked,these idiots need to cop on and grow up, shame on their parents, hopefully they see this and sort out their children.

    Reply to Audrey

  • Bob
    Commented 4 months ago

    He was wrong not to punch the scrawny cunt in the neck. And that scummer cuunnt show have gotten a dig and all.

    Reply to Bob

  • Andy
    Commented 4 months ago

    Only thing that’s wrong here is that he had to do something about it himself. School and guards should have sorted it.

    Reply to Andy

  • Joe
    Commented 4 months ago

    Why does ur headline say he beat him up ?? He didnt do any such thing
    If either of them little tow rags threatened my children id left them have it too
    No places for Bullies end off

    Reply to Joe

  • Paul
    Commented 4 months ago

    I don’t understand how he didn’t brake his face if my daughter told me someone lad would rape her I’m afraid he would be dead I was bullied myself in school for not liking what the others where into and I would have loved if someone stood up for me like this girls dad did and I would do the same I would have told the big mouth little bitch to shut the fuck up and leave it at that but coming as a future father and uncle I would do the same bullying needs to stop cops and the school won’t do anything so far play to him for showing them if u bully u get dealed with

    Reply to Paul

  • Philip OReilly
    Commented 4 months ago

    Young school kids?, firstly in Ireland you’re classed as an adult in the eyes of the law at 16 so a year off isn’t a young child and child refers to ages of 4 to 13, the teen at the end of the is a big give away that it’s a TEENager ó not a child. Don’t be trying to stir up hate with your article as it had no place in Ireland. Any father who wouldn’t do the same deserves to not have children.

    Reply to Philip

  • chris o'donnell
    Commented 4 months ago

    all the do gooders in the world wont help the man when his child is dead from suicide the youth have no accountability so yeah its the right job for him i’d ave slapped the girl as well huh

    Reply to chris

    • Mary
      Commented 4 months ago

      Well said,too much pussy footing around bullying .
      If the parents of the bully wont stop and the cops or teachers cant then what option are you left with.
      Kick his arse I say

      Reply to Mary

  • Viv
    Commented 4 months ago

    He done right how he didnt knock him out hope him and his daughter are ok the parents of these bullies should stop it know they have obviosly broke that poor man hope there parenrs step in and stop them know and dont try to make them look like victims

    Reply to Viv

  • Andy
    Commented 4 months ago

    Only way to deal with bully’s kick buckets of Shit out of the little cunt ….well don’t to the father probably fed up with his girl Comming home crying

    Reply to Andy

  • Wayne
    Commented 4 months ago

    If that was my daughter they bullied I would have put his skull through the ground, 15 years old or not that is his daughter they are bullying, you do what you have to do to proctect your family, if you ask me he was very composed for someone in that situation, I know I wouldn’t be able to contain myself if I was that man and that was my daughter they bullied for that long. Little scumbags deserve a good hiding

    Reply to Wayne

  • Commented 4 months ago

    What if her daughter started it think of that never go with what the story says she’s must of got herself into this

    Reply to Darragh

    • Sarah
      Commented 4 months ago

      Are you for real. No one gets themselves into the position of being bullied. Bullies target you and do it in groups because they are cowards. Youre comment gives the opinion that you yourself are a bullie and you think its ok. I hope you bullie someone who is able to pin you to the ground and NOT be so restraining as Bart.

      Reply to Sarah

  • Commented 4 months ago

    What if her daughter started it think of that never go with what the story says she’s must of got herself into this yeeee

    Reply to Darragh

  • AgaBaga
    Commented 4 months ago

    Bully should have been locked up, the man is right , he should have done more damage to that bully, 15 year old should be trialed and sentences like an adult, but since there’s no justice in this country I hope more fathers will teach bully bastards a few things

    Reply to AgaBaga

  • Eileen Fitzgerald
    Commented 3 months ago

    Ya he was right the school won’t do anything If it was 1 of my girls I’d do the same

    Reply to Eileen

  • Richard
    Commented 3 months ago

    He was wrong to shake him,two or three open handed slaps would have more appropriate,not saying she is but you can’t guarantee that your kid’s won’t bully, every parent ever say the same thing about their children

    Reply to Richard

  • john
    Commented 3 months ago

    them little scumbags need the shit kicked outta them simple as toerags everyone of them

    Reply to john

  • Eamon
    Commented 3 months ago

    He was right to put the gobshite on his back….God forbid I was in the same situation as it takes a lot for me to boil up nowadays but if the steam is contained for so long it will find somewhere to get out.
    Good on ya that fecker will Renner that when he is well into his 40s

    Reply to Eamon

  • Tom
    Commented 3 months ago

    My daughter was getting bullied by a scumbag a good years ago. I went to the parents the bullys mother was a bigger scumbag. So I went to an old friend whos two sons of the same age were boxers.

    I said I wanted to hire a ‘hit man’ lol. Cut a long story short one of the sons went to the bullys door and they wouldn’t come out so he got his friends and told them he was going to beat the scumbag up everytime he met him after school as my daughter was his cousin. She wasnt.
    Needless to say we had no bother again from that family and we never heard of thd scumbag lifting his hands again.

    Best £10 I ever spent…

    Needless to sa

    Reply to Tom

  • Ruf
    Commented 3 months ago

    Of course the man was right. I would smack him in the face at least once, and the screamming little bitch too. I would kill
    a million people for my daughter. I don’t care if someone disagrees, I don’t care if they’re children. I don’t care!!, because they don’t care about my child motherf..!

    Reply to Ruf

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