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We all have that one friend who’s never going to get laid or married and it’s sad,

Here Is Some Good Advice Use It 

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if you aren’t getting laid, you don’t want to be getting laid.

So my question for all the guys complaining about being ugly, not having money, not being popular, being naturally shy, or whatever isn’t getting them laid, ARE YOU EVEN TRYING TO GET LAID?

I have no idea how much time you spend complaining, worrying or bitching about why you think you can’t get laid, but I can almost guarantee you spend WAY more time on this than you do try to get laid. The way I know this, is if you spent even half as much time taking action as you do complaining, you would have nothing to complain about!

Okay, first off, are you a nerd and won’t admit it? Do you spend all your time in front of the TV or computer? Well, then you’re probably a nerd, no matter how cool you think you are in your head. My brother’s dormmate was a huge ****ing nerd, refused to change too, and his reason was he thought he was cool in his own way. Whenever I told him he should go buy some new clothes or start lifting weights, he would say some lame **** like “Nah man I have my own style”.

Look I’m not saying completely revamp your entire life, but take an ego-less look. What is a guy’s first impression of you? A girl’s? Are your friends cool? Do you dress cool?

The second thing I see on this website itself is when someone recommends dressing cool some douche will always respond “Man maybe you need $100 ripped jeans and a pink polo with its collar popped to get laid, but I don’t”. First off, I don’t need a polo to get laid. I dress nice because it helps and it makes me feel good about myself. I have my own style, you don’t have to be preppy or GQ, but for ****’s sake dress nice. Yeah drop some money on it, you’re not necessarily going to have to, but it helps.

If a nerd comes up in nerdy clothes, any girl will automatically not like him (unless she herself is a nerd), he won’t even get a chance. If a nerd comes up in cool clothes, she will at least want to find out if he’s cool. If a cool guy comes up in cool clothes, that’s the best of all three, and yeah I know some cool guys dress in scrubs but are you already cool? If not, then wearing lame clothes just makes it worse. Now bros I know there is always an exception, but no more “yeah well one time in my entire life I saw some nerdy guy with a hot girl”, yes I know it happens occasionally but why work against the odds?

Second biggest thing is HOW HARD ARE YOU TRYING? No matter what you look like, how confident you are, if you don’t try to get numbers you probably won’t. Now I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I am a good looking guy who dresses cool, I’d say I’m easily a 9 in looks, and if I go out three nights in a row to parties I will get approached maybe, on average, 1-3 times a night if I just sit there talking to no one. One group will probably be a group of nasty fatties, and the others will be girls who will just come say “hi” “who are you here with” “hey do you know so-and-so?”. After that it’s totally up to me just as if I had approached them, so really it’s not even a big deal. In fact, it’s better when I approach because I can pick girls who look hot to me instead of leaving it up to chance.

Guys getting numbers is so ridiculously easy, it’s a joke. Even if you are only average looking (and IMO anyone has the ability to be at least average looking if they groom, get a good haircut, workout, and dress cool) you can get numbers easy.

Okay, number one scenario, the guy sits staring at hot girls and wants to go talk to them. But through his head, he is thinking “what if she blows me off?”, “she doesn’t like me”, “no way I could get with her”, “I don’t know what to say”. So 99% of the time they just sit their with their thumbs in their mouths, the other 1% they go up and get nervous say they say “hi” then freeze up, so obviously the girl is gonna walk off if you don’t talk to her (this is normal, not her rejecting you), then they bitch that they’re ugly or whatever.

Alright answer me this, have you EVER had a good conversation with a stranger? Or a best friend? Well if the answer is yes, then you are capable of doing it now, only your nerves get in your way. “Hey how’s it going”, “You having a good summer?”, “I love summer but about a month in I always have all this free time”, “Hey do you know what time it is?”, etc. Anything works. Girls are not attracted to lines, they are attracted to you. You can say the dumbest **** ever but be a cool guy and most girls will like you (barring “hey bitch suck my dick”, “hey wanna **** me”, “hey you smell like ass”, etc), or you can be a nerd and say something cool and she may talk to you for a few minutes, but you won’t get her number very easily.

Third is are you actually asking for numbers?

Here, let’s review quickly:
– saying hi = won’t get you numbers
– talking for 2-3 minutes = won’t get you numbers
– not doing **** = won’t get you numbers
– having hour long convos with girls = won’t get you numbers, except the rare 1/10 girl who will ask for yours

– asking for numbers = WILL GET YOU NUMBERS

This is common sense but how many people who complain about not getting numbers are even asking girls for them? 99%. Because they assume girls will say no, “why try if I already know the answer is no”, etc type of thing.

The truth is, most girls will give you their number even if they don’t like you. And guess what happens if they do like you? Bam, got some ass. And if she ends up being stuck at home, bored on a Friday night? Bam, got some ass. If they happen to have a single friend? Bam, got some ass.

So my challenge for all guys bitching, is find a way to ask at least 2 girls for their numbers that you ALREADY SEE ON A WEEKLY BASIS, and 2 girls that you have only seen or talked to once or never (can be a friend of a friend or a girl you see at the mall, whatever). If you don’t see at least 2 girls on a weekly basis, then just ask 4 girls.

Then, call the numbers within a week. Either get them to invite you somewhere, give you their friend’s number, hang out, or agree to hang out in the future. Or at least try.

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