WATCH: As Muslims Start A Riot At Night

As Muslim’s Start A Riot And Smash Up People Cars

As 100s of Muslim’s block the streets and people on the road they also try and drag the people from their car’s while jumping and smashing their windows, this is just crazy carry on these are the sort of people our governments want to take as refugees, look at the behavior of these people, If Ireland keeps letting people and “Refugees” into our beautiful country putting our kids and future in harms way we will have nothing left to call ours. It’s very scary. Ireland will accept 600 refugees in 2018, The Fuck Will We.?


Minister Charlie Flanagan today announced that Ireland intends to accept 600 refugees in 2018. This commitment has been made as part of a new EU resettlement pledge.

Minister Flanagan said: “This includes a commitment to take an additional 330 programme refugees above the 270 people who are due to arrive in 2018. This demonstrates Ireland’s continuing commitment to play a full and active part in the EU efforts to meet the challenges of the migration crisis.”

Oh, by the way, we are not racist we just don’t want a pack of animals like these in the video coming into our country, Would you like to be driving down the street one night after a dinner out and coming across this bunch of people wanting to smash your car up and drag you out of your car? No didn’t think so!



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