VOTE: Is Conor McGregor a “Ladybird” or a “Dirtbird”?

We all know Conor for being a mad bastard and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about him.

 We want to know what your opinion is on Mr.McGregor – “Is he a ladybird? or a dirtbird?”.
We see Conor hanging out with different women every week, going to strip clubs, giving his hard earned money to strippers in the club and shaking their ass for cash, meanwhile Dee Devlin sits at home with Conor Junior, pregnant with a 2nd child. Why has Conor never asked Dee to marry him after making so much money and being with her since a young age? Is it it because he knows she will take everything he has worked for?

Conor McGregor is having too much fun not being tied down, he can do what he pleases. He does not give a fuck about the next person, you do not see him and Dee together that much anymore, would it be because of him doing drugs and drinking? Drinking before any fight is just mental, but then again, Conor is mental, money and fame has definitely gone to his head! He’s more concerned about his status rather then the next fight.

We feel sorry for Dee sitting at home knowing her boyfriend (not husband) is off drinking and giving cash to strippers in a night club somewhere around the world, Conor is video taped slapping a stripper on her arse and carrying her off somewhere. How would you feel if your boyfriend was off flirting with other girls? Would you tell him to get the fucking boat? why has Dee not told Conor to get the boat. Just doesn’t smell right at all.


Is Conor a ladybird or a Dirtbird?


Conor McGregor is

A LadyBird
A DirtBird

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