READ: “Locals Serve Brutal Justice To Two Men That Burgled A House In Cork”

Two alleged burglar’s who suffered brutal street justice after locals caught them leaving a house they robbed

These scumbags got the beaten of their life when the people of cork seen them leaving a friends home with stolen goods, people of cork hit them with baseball bats, pipes kicking them punching them till they where knocked out cold, looks to us in the picture all he’s finger are broken he’s face has deep cuts, slashes to the head. would you do the same?  As the two men were inside the property people became aware that there was a burglary – as they emerged locals attacked the men.” It is understood that the men are from Tipperary and Dublin and are suspected to have been in the area to carry out “property crime”.


Picture of robber beaten half to death


   Officers were called to the area to deal with a fight but then discovered the reality of the incident. Gardaí are now investigating an incident that occurred in Churchfield, Co. Cork on the 9th September 2018.  Upon arriving at the scene Gardaí found two injured males who were then brought to Cork University Hospital with what was described as non-life threatening injuries.


Laying on the ground Half dead


“No arrests have been made and Gardaí are investigating both incidents.

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  • rob
    Commented 5 months ago

    fuckin perfect job. Destroy those motherfuckers not to jail.

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