WATCH: “When I Get Your Father I’m Going To Shite On His Face”

Traveler Call Out See When I Get Your Father I’m Going To Shite On His Face

One of the funniest travelers call out videos you will ever see, every one of the travelers down to their grandmother is calling out someone to fight, why call them out over youtube or facebook why not knock on their door and fight them. When it comes down to fighting half of them don’t even turn up #LOL

A MEMBER of Ireland’s traveling community has today revealed that he spends most of his spare time making call out videos to other travelers, but has never actually fought a day in his life.

The man confirmed that there is only a handful of arranged bare-knuckle fist fights every year and that the majority of young men making them “couldn’t beat their way out of a wet paper bag”, but many of his peers are really good at making call out videos.

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